Will Congress Reach An Agreement Today

McConnell was followed on the ground by minority Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, N.Y., who said, “Make no mistake: this deal is far from perfect. But it will provide emergency assistance to a nation that is going to an emergency. “More help is on the way,” the Kentucky senator said Sunday night. “Moments before… the four leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives reached an agreement.┬áThe bill would also simplify the form of federal funding, known as the “Free Application for Federal Student Assistance” (FAFSA), one of many important changes to the education agreement. Democrats have secured important provisions on university affordability, such as the significant extension of Pell`s scholarship program for low-income students and the lifting of a decades-long ban on extending scholarships to prisoners who graduated from behind bars. The agreement also provides more than $1 billion in federal loans to black historical colleges and universities. It was expected to be merged with a large overall spending operation that the government would retain for the remainder of the fiscal year, creating a $2.3 trillion giant, whose passage will be the last substantial legislative achievement of Congress before being postponed for the year. The agreement was reached after a weekend of hectic negotiations hours before the end of government funding and two weeks before the next meeting of the next Congress on January 3. “There`s no doubt that this new agreement contains contributions from our Democratic colleagues – it`s bipartisan,” said McConnell, who initially opposed a new stimulus package and said Congress should pause and look at the deficit before making new facilities. “But these things could have been settled a long time ago.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told the Senate that the agreement was “far from perfect” but would provide “emergency assistance” to Americans. He promised that this would not be the “last word” for covid-19 incentives and said he would insist on a new bill as soon as President-elect Joe Biden stepped down. “As our citizens continue to fight coronavirus during this holiday season, they will not fight alone,” he added.

At a news conference Sunday, Democratic leaders Schumer and Pelosi stressed that because of the new Biden administration, they hoped that more legislative facilities would come in the future, even if Democrats did not have a Senate majority. “Once this agreement comes into force, it cannot be the last word on facilitating Congress,” said Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader who called the agreement a “down payment.” WASHINGTON – Congressional leaders reached a highly competitive agreement Sunday on a $900 billion stimulus package that would provide immediate assistance to Americans and businesses to help them cope with the economic devastation of the pandemic and fund vaccine distribution. As Mr. Trump signs the law, its impact will be far more significant for President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. who faces the task of keeping the fragile economic recovery. Biden, who implicitly insisted that lawmakers reach a compromise that, after months of inaction in Congress, would provide modest aid, is expected to seek a new package of economic aid after taking office in January.